About Costa Rica Villa Concierge


Costa Rica Villa Concierge is a licensed and insured Costa Rican local tour company. While our on-site office is located in the country of Costa Rica (Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste), we are truly an “American-run” company.

We pride ourselves on letting our clients experience the true beauty and splendor of Costa Rica in a luxurious way demonstrating the stress free and comfortable service that our clients have grown accustomed to.

Our staff at Costa Rica Villa Concierge provides personal attention to our clientele with the expectation of excelling in customer satisfaction and helping our guests create unforgettable experiences while staying in this tropical paradise.

Let us guide through Costa Rica and make your time here truly memorable. 




The Inspiration Behind the Business 


In 2013, my wife, Tracey, and I visited Costa Rica for the first time and stayed an all-inclusive resort. While we were very pleased with our accommodations (room, staff, amenities, food, etc.), we wanted to experience the real Costa Rica. We felt that staying on-site at a resort didn’t offer that experience. Towards the end of our trip, we decided to have one of the staff members connect us with a local real estate agent so we could tour several luxury villas in the nearby area for future visits. 

Several months later, we returned to Costa Rica and chose to rent a luxury villa in Playa Hermosa. We brought the rest of our family, which includes our two boys, Justin and Jason, and our future daughter-in-law Erica. Upon our return, we chose to hire a private driver and van to drive us around so we could fully explore and enjoy Costa Rica. What we discovered was a stunning landscape with beautiful views and welcoming locals. 

Playa Hermosa, where we chose to stay, is primarily a smaller beach town. Set back from the nearby tourist towns, like Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa offers a blissful surrounding of private tranquility. This made our visit relaxing and peaceful. We were all taken a back by the incredible tropical surroundings and breathtaking views of the ocean.

Costa Rica has been named the “Happiest place on Earth” and lives to up it! Many of the locals we’ve met are genuinely happy people. Pura Vida, which translated means “Pure Life”, is the saying that Ticans practice and preach; a belief that’s easy on stress and has a great emphasis on a simple lifestyle. Many of the local restaurants and shops we came across were both inviting and friendly to our family, making us feel welcomed in their humble establishments. What we learned is that Pura Vida is not just a catchphrase in Costa Rica….it is a way of life.

By the end of our first stay in a luxury villa, Tracey and I decided to build our own vacation home here in Costa Rica.

Click here is our beautiful villa in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste www.costaricacasadaretodream.com.




We returned to Costa Rica the following year, renting yet another luxury villa, while scouting out locations to build and considering existing villas to purchase. The greatest highlight of this particular visit was when my eldest son, Justin, proposed to Erica on top of a mountain at sunset. You can imagine our excitement!

All of this was possible because I wanted go beyond the boundaries of simply staying on a resort compound and experience the sights and sounds that this tropical paradise has to offer. In the end, our discovery was all possible because we had personal driver to guide us and show us this incredible country. We fell in love with Costa Rica because we were simply able to relax and take it in, and now we invite our clients of Costa Rica Villa Concierge to do the same!



Tim Kerin - Owner of Costa Rica Villa Concierge


Tim Kerin has been a successful business owner for the last 27 years, managing six multi-million dollar companies in the tri-state area of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. His time spent in the business world has taught him valuable lessons of tackling all the trials and tribulations that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s world.

    • Author of the book, 10 Lessons Learned…How to Build a Successful Business
    • Owner of a Commercial Cleaning Company
    • Owner of a Commercial Construction Company
    • Owner of a Commercial Labor Company
    • Owner of Leaders of the Roundtable
    • National Speaker
    • Co-Owner in CORE Networking Organization
    • Second year of facilitating SBA (Small Business Administration) Emerging Leaders National Programs representing Washington DC
    • Hosted 6 Worldwide Webinars with ExecSense on Entrepreneurship
    • Mentor of 4 Military programs for veterans on Entrepreneurship


Alison Zook: Vice President of Business Development and Operations


In addition to being Costa Rica Villa Concierge’s Vice President of Business Development and Operations, Alison is also our on-site manager. Born and raised outside Washington, D.C., Alison has a tried and true dedication to customer service and relationship building.

Her past experience includes 5+ years in sales and account management. Understanding clients needs, customer services and follow up has been a key factor to Alison’s business success.

Alison also brings a natural talent for networking and building relationships with other companies and business owners.

Alison graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Her past work experience includes, but is not limited to, the Four-Diamond Loews Hotels managing Guest Service Agents and Concierge staff. 


Rusby Linares - Private Driver / Tour Guide


Rusby Guzman Linares has 15 years of industry experience in Costa Rican tourism. He has a passion for nature and creating unique experiences for travelers. Rusby has a wife and a daughter and they have lived in Guanacaste for the last 10 years. His favorite activity is bird watching. Rusby would choose to spend every moment possible outdoors. Rubsy takes pride in service excellence and making clients feel at home in Costa Rica.





Nestor Alonso - Private Driver / Tour Guide


Nestor Alonso graduated from the University of Costa Rica and has studied English as a career course as well as tourism. He’s specialized as a travel agent and is currently passionate about guiding tours. Nestor lives in Ocotal with his wife and five kids. He also loves getting to know people and is very passionate about introducing his country to visitors. His favorite activities include archery, reading, and dancing.