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Hola y buenas tardes!!!

This is Señor Tico, your friendly blogger guide to all things Costa Rica. Today I’m going to give some insight into the spoken language of Costa Rica.

Being a Latin American country, Spanish is the official (and prominent) language of Costa Rica. That being said, English is the next often spoken language in Costa Rica, which is frequently used at hotels, tourist agencies, souvenir shops, restaurants, rent-a-car companies, and airports. Additionally, you might run into people who speak Italian, French, or German has several European natives have taken up residency in Costa Rica.

Here are some common and useful catchphrases when traveling to Costa Rica.


Essential Responses

Yes: Si

No: No

Please: Por favor

Thank you: Gracias

You’re welcome: De Nada

Excuse me: Disculpe

Hi!:  ¡Hola!

Good Morning!: ¡Buenos días!

Good Afternoon!:  ¡Buenas tardes!

Good night!: ¡Buenas noches!

Goodbye!:  ¡Adiós!

Where are you from?            ¿De dónde es usted?

I come from ...                     Soy de ...

How are you?: ¿Cómo estás?

Fine, thanks:  Bien, gracias.

And you?:  ¿Y usted?

Do you speak English?: ¿Hablas ingles?

I don't understand Spanish: No entiendo el español 

Thanks very much!: ¡Muchas gracias!

 Where are the restrooms?: ¿Dónde están los baños?

Drugstore: Farmacia

Liquor Store: Licorera

Hospital: Hospital

Supermarket: Super mercado

Restaurant: Restaurante


 Do you have an English menu?: ¿: Tiene un menú en ingles?

 I want…: Quiero…

 I’m a vegetarian: Soy vegetariano

 The check please: La cuenta por favor

 Breakfast: Desayuno

 Lunch: Almuerzo   

 Dinner: Cena 


I want to buy…: Quiero comprar …

 I’m just looking!: Solo estoy viendo!

 May I look at it?: ¿Puedo verlo?

 How much is it?: ¿Cuánto cuesta?

 I don’t like it: No me gusta

 I’ll take it: Me lo llevo

 Do you accept…?: ¿Aceptan…?

 Dollars: Dólares

 Credit cards: Tarjetas de crédito

 Traveler checks: Cheques de viajero


I hope that these little essential “catchphrases” are useful for you when you travel to Costa Rica. I plan discuss more about the Spanish language in future blog post (and even some good book recommendations for learning Spanish). But for now, I’ll leave you with this.

This is Señor Tico saying: “Adiós mis amigos!!!”