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This is Señor Tico (Costa Rica Villa Concierge’s helpful blogger). Planning to head to Costa Rica, but don’t know when to travel? Let me help you make the right decision by offering some friendly tidbits on Costa Rica’s weather.

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Costa Rica is a sun drenched tropical paradise, offering plenty of warmth and sun to locals and tourists alike. The climate for the country is considered to be “tropical”. But what does the mean? Well, Costa Rica is located 8 degree above the equator, thus its weather is always warm and is very “temperate” more so than North American locations. Moreover, while most of North America observes nature’s four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter), Costa Rica observe only two (summer and winter), also known as the dry and rainy seasons. But its weather conditions during these two seasons are far from want many would expect.

The summer (or dry season) runs opposite from Europe and North America, running from December to April. Much like “snow birds” retreating south for the winter, many travelers come to Costa Rica during this time to escape winter’s blustery conditions of the northern hemisphere for a warmer climate and a few extra hours of daylight; given the tourist name “high” season. During this season, the climate, while still tropical in nature, is most dry, consisting of little to no rainfall, which causes most of nature’s foliage (trees, plants, and landscape) to appear dry or “dead”. The trade-off is that the weather is “mostly” pleasant and less humid than in its counterpart season and is a perfect time for surfing as storm swells from the Pacific Ocean create very strong and reliable waves to surf on.

The winter (or rainy season), often called the “green season” by tourists, runs from the other half of the year in Costa Rica, lasting from May to November. While the “rainy season” speaks for itself, it’s a lot less wet and rainy than many people would think. Travelers will still get plenty of sun, with much more humid conditions, but will receive frequent rainfall (mostly like during the morning or afternoon hours). With the rain constantly falling, the country’s foliage will grow and flourish, transforming much of the landscape to impressively lush and green (hence “green season”). While this all in general terms, there are some “pocket” areas in Costa Rica that will receive a significant amount of rainfall during this time (a result of the country having “microclimate” conditions). While the “high season” happens during the dry season, the rainy season is considered the “low” season by tourists.

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Interestingly enough, despite the name, an increase number of travelers come to Costa Rica during this time, when crowds are sparse, prices are low, and the surrounding country is flushed with color.

Whatever you decide (wet or dry) season, Costa Rica’s weather will surely delight you with its abundances of sun, warmth, and tropical nuances during your stay.

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