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Hola y buenos días a todos ustedes!!!


This is Senor Tico here (your favorite Costa Ricaadvice blogger). With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, this week’s post will be about the classic traditions that the people of Costa Rica celebrate during the Christmas season. Like the time-honored tradition, Christmas in Costa Rica is a celebratory time of sharing and reflecting with family and loved ones.

Similar to how Americans celebrate the season (minus out all the hustle and bustle of retail shopping), public buildings are trimmed with lights and festive charm as well as private dwellings. Christmas tree are also used in Costa Rica, with families decorating them ornaments, lights, and family knickknacks. Families also make their own “portal” or nativity scene, often occupying a large space in a living room or on a patio. On Christmas Eve, the baby Jesus is had to the portal as the family head’s to midnight mass.

The celebration of Christmas starts on Christmas Eve or known as “Noche Bueno” as people visit family and friends and eat elaborate dinners such as roast pork leg, pastries, deserts, and tamales. Interestingly, tamales are a time-honored tradition in a Costa Rican Christmas, acting as a principal part of Christmas dinner. In case you didn’t know, tamales are made from corn flour and infused with many different ingredients, including vegetables, rice, onions, garlic, potato puree, and shredded meat (chicken, pork, or beef) that are wrapped in banana leaves and then tied with strings into squares before being boiled. Eggnog (also known as “rompope”), heavy with rum, is served while family member exchange presents before midnight. While most Costa Ricans are catholic, many go to their local churches for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. When Christmas day comes, mostly everyone spends the day relaxing with family, opening presents, and enjoying the holiday spirit. I hope this little knowledge into a Costa Rican Christmas is insightful for you (my readers). Who knows…maybe one day you’ll be down here in Costa Rica during the holiday season. Now that would be a treat. For now, though, I wish you all happy holidays from me (Senor Tico) and to my business family at Costa Rica Villa Concierge.

Adiós y feliz Navidad y un feliz año Nuevo!!!